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CRIPTA747 & Co. 

Statement 2013-2015

Our activities, operational since 2008 at Umberto I gallery in Porta Palazzo, will move in order to realize a seasonal project in the basement of Franco Noero's Gallery, with access from via Regaldi 00, in Barriera district / Cimitero Monumentale.

"Navigazione a vista",  curated by Renato Leotta, Elisa Troiano and Alex Tripodi, will begin in conjunction with Artissima 2013 and it will develop as a path of landscape observation and investigation on the Mediterranean, towards a work of field research, sharing and dialog between artists, researchers and writers.

The idea is to keep an active transversal monitoring dedicated to researches and to Italian realities, reflecting on geography from an etymological point of view: a combination of architectures, thoughts and space and time-crossing. All of this is materialized by means of collaborations with sensitive entities stationed across the peninsula.

The exhibition programme by CRIPTA747 is developed observing at the same time the track of the writing platform T-A-X-I. From here, we will present, during the season, the interdisciplinary research compositions by the new working group composed by: Daniela Bigi, Antonella Camarda, Barbara Casavecchia, Davide Daninos, Eva Fabbris, Beniamino Foschini, Luca Lo Pinto and Pier Paolo Tamburelli.

Among the new parallel projects it is a great pleasure for us to present MAD MED, a display dedicated to the interactions between musical researches, arts and performances. Producers of the mediterranean and international electronic music scene will be involved.



2013-2014 season is supported by 
Fondazione CRT , Torino _ Progetto Esponente

Permanent Team

Renato Leotta
Elisa Troiano
Alex Tripodi

Board or Research _ 2013/2014

Daniela Bigi, Antonella Camarda, Barbara Casavecchia, Davide Daninos, Luca Lo Pinto, 
Pier Paolo Tamburelli, Eva Fabris.